AJ-Style Patriot Trolls Police Checkpoint

Daily Stormer
November 7, 2013

The cop is actually funnier than the patriot.

I agree with these people about a lot of things. Surely, a man has a right not to be harassed by sub-retarded police simply for trying to go somewhere, and I think these checkpoints are about degrading us, getting us accustomed to a loss of privacy and basic personal freedom.

It is a shame that the libertarian doctrine contains so much poison.  And a lot of the rhetoric just feels very empty and uninspired.  If ‘total freedom’ leads to a completely degenerate society, then what value is it?  How can something so abstract be an ends in itself, worth destroying our ancient heritage for?

But more and more people like this are coming around to our side.  One you understand the Jew, it all makes sense.

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