Age of Treason Radio: Talking with Luke Ford

Age of Treason
March 30, 2018

Archive of the live stream: JQ Debate With Age Of Treason – good comments.

JQ Debate With Age Of Treason by Luke Ford on SoundCloud.

Is Luke Ford good for the Jews?

Our main topic was Cofnas’ attack on MacDonald.

My series of podcasts on crypsis starts here: Jewish Crypsis – An Introduction.

Here I discuss jew screeching about intermarriage: Jewish Crypsis – Half-Jews – Part 3.

Stephen Steinlight on Jewish Power and Interests.

The Secret Jewish History Of Peeps.

Assessing Auster (with Kevin MacDonald and Carolyn Yeager).

(((Luke Ford))) (@lukeford) on Twitter.


Top Comments

  1. Tanstaafl is the shit. Ton of red pill JP listening at AoTR.

  2. Tanstaafl > Jazz & Jesse

  3. Everyone should watch this Luke Ford interview with Tanstaafl.

    Tanstaafl is fantastic.

    He’s highly intelligent and level-headed. – And yet he can be very hard-core at the same time.

    Luke Ford: “How many Jews do you think were killed by the Nazis?”

    Tanstaafl: “Not enough.”


    I learned more from him than anyone else when I was still getting Red-Pilled years ago.

    His show used to play twice a day on the old Radio Stormer.

    Tanstaafl should be invited on more podcasts in the Alt-Right.

    He’s one of the best.

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