After Tucker Home Siege, Antifa Finally Loses PayPal – Jewish Media Claims They’ve Never Engaged in Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

Some of the stuff that comes out of the Jewish media even puts me at a loss for words, despite the fact that I read more Jewish lies every day than probably any other single person on the planet.

Following the assault on Tucker Carlson’s family home, when twenty Antifa stood on his front lawn screaming that they know where he sleeps, vandalized his driveway and attempted to beat down his door where his wife was home alone, PayPal has finally banned a slew of Antifa groups from using their services to collect money to use in their terrorist operations.

The Jewish media is openly attacking PayPal over this move, literally claiming that Antifa is not violent.

The Proud Boys also lost their PayPal accounts this week, and the Jews are claiming that there can be no equivalency.

There are articles all throughout the Jewish media on this topic, all following the exact same line, as they always do.

PayPal for a long time tried to keep open ISIS accounts, but eventually – presumably due to the warnings of their legal team that they could be criminally charged for financing terrorism – they shut those down.

It is rather clear that this same thing is what is going on here. PayPal is a monopoly, so they do not have any accountability to the public whatsoever. So they didn’t do this because of public pressure. I think their lawyers said “look, this is getting too hot, you could get charged with financing domestic terrorism if you don’t shut down these accounts.”

And yes, somehow, not a single one of these mainstream Jewish media articles is mentioning the name “Tucker Carlson.” I’m serious.

And it gets even nuttier.

Again – all the articles are exactly the same, so let’s just look at the most popular news site covering this story at time of writing.

The Guardian is the fifth most read news site in the world.

For The Guardian, the Jew Sam Levin writes:

PayPal is canceling the accounts of the far right group, the Proud Boys, and also banning anti-fascists from the platform, saying it prohibits people who “promote hate” or “violence”.

The online payment company’s decision to associate anti-fascist activists with a rightwing “hate group” has sparked intense backlash from leftwing organizers, who say the Silicon Valley firm is pandering to far-right groups linked to white supremacist beliefs and extremist violence.

This Jew is suggesting that Silicon Valley – which has spent the last three years engaging in the most brutal crackdown on conservative and right-wing speech in all of human history, is part of a far-right conspiracy.

A PayPal spokesperson said Friday that it was banning the accounts of the Proud Boys and its founder Gavin McInnes, along with Atlanta Antifa, Antifa Sacramento and Anti-Fascist Network. The company also recently canceled the account of English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, a far-right figure in the UK, and has previously removed four other antifa groups.

We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory,” the company said in a statement. A spokesperson declined to comment on the justifications for each account.

Obviously – obviously – this is a reference to the siege on Tucker Carlson’s home. And I want to say again that the only reason they would do this is because they fear legal repercussions.

“I’m really tired of the equivalence of anti-fascists and fascists,” said Zoé Samudzi, an Oakland writer who has supported anti-fascist protests. She noted McInnes’ history of promoting violence, adding: “You cannot compare that to the anti-fascists who are trying to defend communities from that violence. It’s really cowardly to not attempt to make a distinction between the two.

PayPal, which was co-founded by Peter Thiel, a Donald Trump ally, is instituting its bans at a time when technology companies are facing global scrutiny for their roles in facilitating and amplifying far-right violence. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in particular have played key roles in helping violent white supremacists and neo-Nazis spread their propaganda, recruit supporters, and organize events.

Peter Thiel sold his stake in PayPal in 2002. For those of you who are not professors of mathematics, that is 16 years ago.

Twitter recently suspended the Proud Boys, the self-described “western chauvinists”, saying the group violated the platform’s policy against “violent extremist groups”. There has been growing recognition that the “de-platforming” of hate groups and racist speech can significantly reduce the reach of provocateurs, the “alt-right” and neo-Nazis.

Activists said they welcomed the PayPal ban of McInnes, but were disturbed to see anti-fascists who protest people like McInnes targeted in the same cancellations. Some compared it to Trump’s infamous remark that there were “very fine people on both sides” of a deadly white supremacist rally.

The “some” in that sentence is an Antifa Twitter account.

And yes, Twitter, who banned the NPC meme because it was “dehumanizing,” continues to allow any and all Antifa accounts to use their services to organize and promote violent terrorist attacks.

“By removing antifascist & Proud Boys accounts at the same time, Paypal seems to be making a false equivalence & lumping completely different groups together as ‘intolerance’ and ‘hate’,” the Atlanta Antifa group said in a statement.

PayPal emailed the group Friday, saying it was “terminating our relationship”, asking it to “remove all references to PayPal from your website”.

“It’s just pandering to the far right,” said one member of the Atlanta group, who requested anonymity.

Far-right and neo-Nazi groups have repeatedly been linked to violence and murders in America, and the Atlanta group coordinates counter-protests and warns community members about the presence of hate groups, the member said: “To be putting the focus on the people who are day to day opposing these forces and monitoring these forces is just perverse … Everything we do is rooted in community self defense.

As I mentioned earlier today in my piece about attacks on free speech, Antifa argues that initiating violence is “self-defense” against ideas that they claim to believe could lead to violence.

But here’s the part where we enter whichever dimension is two dimensions beyond the Twilight Zone.

There is also no evidence of equivalent violence by “antifa”, a broad term used to refer to anti-fascists. Members of the Proud Boys were recently arrested in New York after a violent brawl following a speech by McInnes.

There is no evidence of Antifa violence, Sam Levin assures us.

That is, I believe, the fakest news I have ever read in my life.

That is to say, it is the most brazen fake news, as everyone reading it knows that it is untrue. As you can see in the above clip of the Antifa professor speaking, Antifa itself openly admits to initiating violence in an attempt to silence those that they disagree with.

But let’s just go through and look at just a few of the more notable instances of Antifa violence in recent years. I’m just going to mention the ones I remember. There are too many for me to remember or list here. I am also only going to list American attacks, because if we did Europe this would be hundreds of events.

90s and 00s: “Fuck Shit Up” Goes on Years-Long Violent Rampage

The FSU, which stands for “Fuck Shit Up” and alternatively “Friends Stand United,” was an Antifa group that operated in the 90s and 00s, rampaging through the country and killing at least one “racist” by beating him to death in the parking lot of a Los Angeles Jack-in-the-Box.

Rolling Stone published a big article about this back in 2007, though the story has otherwise been buried.

When American antifa claim that only European antifa have killed people, they are lying.

July 2016: Alex Jones Attacked at RNC

Alex Jones was reporting at the RNC and was called “Nazi scum” and mob-attacked.

January 2017: Inauguration Riots

A huge series of riots took place in DC during Trump’s inauguration.

This was the first major Antifa outing, with mass violence and property destruction.

Limosine firebombed: 

Stores getting smashed up:

Richard Spencer sucker-punched:

Man attacked for trying to go to work: 

February 2017: Attack on MILO Event at Berkeley

At Berkely in February of 2017, MILO was scheduled to give a speech, and Antifa blow things up, started fires and attacked random people.

April 2017: Antifa Professor Smashes Trump Supporter’s Skull with a Bike Lock

Eric Clanton, a professor of philosophy at East Bay college, went on the warpath with Antifa and smashed a guy’s head open with a bike lock in Berkeley.

He did not do any jail time, getting three years probation.

April 2017: Antifa Threaten, Spit on and Pour Water on Disabled Old Vet in a Wheelchair at Berkeley Free Speech Rally

Old people are favorite targets.

August 2017: Charlottesville Terror Attack

The most relevant and probably the largest Antifa attack was against the peaceful and permitted Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

The Alt-Right had a permit, the Antifa did not, all violence was started by Antifa as every video clearly shows, yet people have been sent to prison for defending themselves.

The Alt-Right demonstrator James Fields has been accused of murder for crashing his car, which resulted in a morbidly obese woman having a heart attack because she was scared by the noise.

An Antifa posted on his Facebook that he was chasing him with a gun before the crash.

There is also video of his car being attacked with bats.

August 2017: Antifa Attack Trump Demonstration in Berkeley

Just standard.

August 2017: Antifa Mob Attacks Based Black Guy for Wearing a Trump Shirt

This is an antifa tranny attacking a black man because he apparently had a Trump shirt.

September 2017: Antifa Throws Urine on Female Infowars Reporter

They get really mad when people ask them questions.

February 2018: Antifa Attack Free Speech Rally in Washington

“Free speech rallies” are always a target.

June 2018: Another Attack on Patriot Prayer in Portland

In Portland, this is just routine.

July 2018: Antifa Attacks Old People Praying for Tommy Robinson in San Francisco

Just a standard Antifa attack on old people holding a prayer vigil.

August 2018: Antifa Attack Police and Reporters in Charlottesville

Led to believe there would be an anniversary Alt-Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Antifa showed up. When there were no Alt-Righters there, they attacked the cops and reporters.

October 2018: Portland Attack on Cars, Old Man

Last month in Portland, Antifa blocked the street and threatened people in cars. They eventually beat up a senior citizen.

October 2018: Proud Boys Chased and Attacked Leaving Republican Event

In a now-infamous event, the Proud Boys were stalked and attacked by Antifa while leaving an event in New York. They defended themselves, and now they are all being prosecuted by Rod Rosenstein’s Justice Department for being attacked.

November 2018: Antifa Siege of Tucker Carlson’s Family Home

The most recent attack at time of writing was the siege on Tucker Carlson’s family home, which we’ve been covering in detail.

At least 20 people were on his lawn, chanting threats. They spray-painted his driveway and tried to break into his home, where his wife was alone.

And It Just Goes On and On and On

You all know, and everyone else knows, that there are hundreds of other incidents over the last years that could be included here.

And not a single one of these situations has ever been “self defense.”

They only go to other people’s events, and they go with the stated purpose of physically assaulting their enemies. It cannot be said enough: they openly state that they use violence to silence speech. And you can see it on thousands of videos.

And yet the Jewish media is just going to tell you not to believe your lying eyes. They are telling you these people are “peaceful protesters.”

This is Terrorism

It is not in any way hyperbolic to say that this is terrorism.

It is the dictionary definition of terrorism.

And still, they are allowed to operate with impunity and people are being charged with federal offenses for defending themselves.

This has to become a focus.

And it looks like the Tucker situation might cause that to happen.

It is very encouraging that PayPal dropped them. Not because they actually need that money, or because of some gloating reason, but as I say: it indicates that PayPal is afraid that they are going to be held legally responsible for financing terrorism.

If there is any time for Trump to act, it is right now.

Call the White House and tell him it is time to take action to protect the people of this country from this violent terrorist threat.