After Abolishing Bikini Contest, Miss America Pageant Ratings Crumble

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2018

True female empowerment will require additional policies, but Miss America will one day succeed.

Gee, nobody could have seen this coming.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what I predicted.

In fact, it’s exactly what everyone with a functioning brain could have predicted.

But I guess in 2018, making retarded political statements is way more important than, you know, making money.

One Angry Gamer:

After announcing that they would be ditching the swimsuit segment for the Miss America 2019 pageant this year, the pageant went forward with it’s more “feminist” and “empowered” depiction of the annual contest, only to be met with a 19% drop in viewership compared to last year’s airing on the ABC network, resulting in a loss of 1.1 million viewers.

1.1 million!

I’m guessing those are just the people who actually follow the news and learned of the new “no swimsuit” policy beforehand. Low information people watched it and went “wtf, I’m never catching that crap ever again.”

So the real drop is going to occur next year, now that the normies have learned their painful lesson.

Also, they weren’t kidding when they said the contest was “no longer about beauty.”

Yes, they chose the ugliest contestant as the winner – some freakish sheboon.

According to Variety, the broadcast of Miss America 2019 didn’t just lose 19% of its total viewership, it lost 36% of its key demographic between the 18-49 crowd between the 9:00 and 11:00pm time slot, bringing in a total of only 4.3 million views.

Case in point. The only people who actually tuned in are senile boomers who didn’t realize there would be no tiddies on display.

Even they won’t make the same mistake next year, unless their Alzheimer’s kicks in or whatever.

That’s a massive 38% drop compared to the 2015 airing of the Miss America pageant, which drew 7 million viewers, according to

The Miss America pageant had been bleeding viewers each year, with the 2016 pageant being down 13.3% compared to the 2015 airing. Last year’s show, in 2017, also saw a decline from 6.4 million viewers in 2016 down to 5.4 million viewers.

The dropping 600,000 viewers from 2015 to 2016 was bad, and dropping an even million from 2016 to 2017 is even worse, but dropping 1.1 million is catastrophic.

You can make money, or fight for “social justice.” Not both.

Basically the show is losing more and more viewers each year, but removing the swimsuit segment from the competition for this year’s show seemed to only speed up the demise of the annual tradition.

Now that everyone understands the “new direction” of Miss America, I expect that only cat ladies with dried out vaginas will be watching the show next year.

The removal of the swimsuit competition came at the behest of the new CEO, Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News TV host and a former Miss America 1989 winner.

Carlson dubbed this year’s show “Miss America 2.0”, opting to make it a platform to represent equality for women as part of her #MeToo campaign.

Of course, a woman is responsible for this.

The world’s foremost problem.

Most people would have assumed that there would be fewer viewers tuning in after expunging the swimsuit segment, but according to an interview that Carlson had with Inside Edition, she stated that it was no longer about judging the girls from their outward appearances and that it was no longer going to be considered as a “pageant” but as a “competition”.

If it’s not a “beauty” contest, then what exactly are all these thots “competing” over?

Their personalities?


Or maybe their knowledge and intelligence?

The appeal of these pageants was always to see a bunch of pretty, but stupid girls embarrass themselves answering basic questions. It was cute, in the sense that watching little kids tumble and fail is cute.

But switch up the formula to be super serious and self-important, and remove the “beauty” part of the whole show, and it’s now pure cringe material.

Like I’ve said before, if any of these skanks had exceptional skills or knowledge, they’d be doing that instead of participating in this retarded and humiliating contest.

Miss America is officially dead.

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