Affirmative Action Schooling: Obama Wants to Cut Standardized Testing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2015

Bay Area SAT scantron

As Obama is on the way out, he is trying to burn down everything he can.


After years of complaints from teachers, parents and students alike, the Obama administration on Saturday announced new guidelines toward standardized tests, saying kids spend too much time taking “unnecessary” exams in schools.

In a Facebook video message, President Barack Obama said he hears from parents who worry about “too much testing, and from teachers who feel so much pressure to teach to a test that it takes the joy out of teaching and learning.”

“I want to fix that,” he said.

The Department of Education said “the Administration bears some of the responsibility for” the issue, releasing a “Testing Action Plan” outlining new principles for measuring student aptitude. The plan says current policies have led to “unnecessary testing” with “not enough clarity of purpose.”

The guidelines are recommendations for school districts to follow but are not binding regulations.

Granted, there may be issues with standardized testing. I have followed the work of John Taylor Gatto (who I recommend) who is critical of these tests. But that isn’t why Obama is removing them. He is removing them because colored folk test so poorly.

It is the same deal with Common Core – it is about narrowing the performance gap between Whites and Asians and Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs, etc.

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