Adolf Hitler: The Most Lied About Man of All Time

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2015

If you somehow still think Hitler was a bad person, then you are brainwashed by Jewish lies. It’s that simple.

Adolf Hitler is by far the most lied about man of all time. Even those who believe half of what we are told about him know this to be true, because if they were to believe the other half, the lies would begin to contradict themselves and cancel each other out.

There are a great many reasons for these lies – many of which should be painfully obvious to anybody who even has a rudimentary understanding of what is happening to the world at this point. Considering the source of many of the claims made about him should also give one a few hints as to why he is as viciously attacked as he is, even now, 70 years after his death.

There’s a good chance he may have justly earned the title of “most lied about man of all time” even while still alive. His opponents couldn’t argue against his positions with logic so they had to resort to smear tactics, just as our enemies do today. That is how the left operates, and it’s certainly how the Jews operate.

The following is from a pamphlet that was passed out in Germany by the NSDAP two weeks before the second round of the 1932 presidential campaign, translated by our unwitting ally over at

A Selection of Lies about Hitler

Nothing better demonstrates the great hatred the parties responsible for Germany’s misery have for Hitler than a selection of the lies that they spread about him. And nothing speaks more for Hitler.

The Center Party and its allies in the “Bavarian People’s Party” lied: Adolf Hitler is member of the “Free of Rome movement.” When this was proven to be untrue, the Center Party lied that it was true of Hitler’s father. Furthermore: As a child, Hitler supposedly spit on the host. He is a covert Bolshevist.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly had “Champagne parties with beautiful women;” the Kaiser paid Hitler for his activities; Hitler received money from “Horthy’s Hungary.” Hitler’s supporters are supposedly “miserable creatures,” reactionary officers, and students. Hitler is a “slave of the capitalists.”

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied: Hitler betrayed South Tyrol and was rewarded with money from Italy.

They lied: Hitler supposedly received money from a number of big industrialists so that he would use his forces to break strikes.

They lied: Hitler supposedly received money from Jews.

They lied: Hitler supposedly received money from Ford.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly received money from Borsig.

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied: Hitler supposedly was engaged to a Jew.

The Bavarian Center Party (BPP) had a Catholic priest spread lies that as a child, Adolf Hitler spat on the host, although this accusation had already been proven false.

The S.P.D. lied: Adolf Hitler supposedly received French funds. The Berliner Tageblatt, close to the Marxists, worked to spread this lie throughout the world.

The MĂĽnchener Telegrammzeitung, which the S.P.D. and Center Party often use against Hitler, maintain that Hitler supposedly gave an ultimatum to Crown Prince Rupprecht.

The Center Party lied: Hitler supposedly had a luxurious 12-room house; he supposedly had a luxurious villa in Berchtesgaden.

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied: There was a tapestry supposedly worth 80,000 Marks in the Brown House [the Nazi headquarters in Munich], a banister worth 30,000 Marks, a 3,000 Mark wood-carved chair. Hitler’s office was supposedly modeled after Mussolini’s.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly received money from Switzerland.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly had negations with separatist leader Heinz Orbis.

The S.P.D. and Center Party published articles in their newspapers, and the Münchner Telegrammzeitung, based on an alleged letter claiming that Hitler received 5,000,000 Marks from Russia for the election. (The proof for the alleged document’s falsity was that it had a form of his signature that Hitler no longer used at the time. As a result, even the Soviet Russian government had to distance itself from the forgery.)

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly received a prison sentence for deserting the German army, for which he received amnesty from Kurt Eisner (the slanderer had to pay a 50 Mark fine!)

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly ordered Jewish cemeteries to be desecrated. (Even Berlin Police President Bernhard WeiĂź had to admit under oath that he knew of no case of grave desecration by National Socialists.)

The Center Party lied: Adolf Hitler supposedly said in his book Mein Kampf that lies may be used in any situation. The cited passage was false from start to finish.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly sent one of his representatives to Paris to negotiate a German-French military agreement with France.

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied: Hitler supposedly stated that in the Third Reich, all handicapped children will be killed.

The S.P.D. lied: S.A. people were supposedly used by industry to break strikes.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly was paid 2,000 Marks for each meeting he spoke at.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly wanted to introduce forced labor for the unemployed, but National Socialists would be exempt.

The S.P.D. spreads false lists of people supposedly killed by the National Socialists.

The S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly had his representative Göring secure a 16-room mansion in Berlin.

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied: Hitler was supposedly Czech. When this could no longer be defended, they changed it so that Hitler’s mother was supposedly a Czech who always spoke the Czech language.

The German National Commercial Assistance Federation (D.H.B.) lied: Hitler supposedly wanted to destroy the unions.

The S.P.D. lied: After his speech in DĂĽsseldorf, Hitler supposedly had a fancy dinner with the industrialists.

The S.P.D. lied: Schneider-Creuzot supposedly gave Hitler money.

The Center Party and S.P.D. lied: Hitler supposedly no longer believes in his mission or in wining the presidential election.

The S.P.D. lied: Japan supposedly gave Hitler money.

The S.P.D. lies today: If elected Reich President, Hitler would supposedly cut all pensions.

The S.P.D. lies today: Foreign countries, above all France, would supposedly not tolerate Hitler as president, German credit would be destroyed, etc., the same things they said in 1925 about a Hindenburg presidency.

The “middle class papers,” along with the S.P.D. and Center Party, lie: Hitler supposedly wanted at first to extend Hindenburg’s term, but was dissuaded through Hugenberg’s influence. A “nationalist” paper took on the forgery of a French newspaper about a supposed Hitler representative, who never existed.

The S.P.D. lies today: Hitler supposedly receives some of the profits of the Völkischer Beobachter, a party salary, and a fee for each of his meetings. This totals, supposedly, 433,200 Marks a year.

The S.P.D. lies today: “To save money,” Hitler would supposedly kill everyone over the age of 60.

The S.P.D. and Center Party lie today: Hitler would supposedly fire all employed women.

The S.P.D. lies today: Hitler’s father originally had a Czech name, only later replacing it with a German name.

During his political career, Hitler instituted 123 cases against such lies. As it gradually became clear that no reasonable person believed these lies any longer, he only went after occasional examples of the crassest cases.

So it was with claims of accepting French money, Italian money, betraying South Tyrol, desecrating the host, making an ultimatum to Crown Prince Rupprecht, discussions with Heinz Orbis, desecrating Jewish cemeteries, forgeries from his book, deserting the Austrian army, fleeting the front, etc. All the court verdicts, of course, were in his favor. The total of the resulting fines and prison terms was considerable, even if in some cases they were inappropriately lenient.

A new flood of lies gushed over Hitler and his surroundings during the Reich presidential election. Forged letters, forged police reports on interrogations of his staff, were spread about. With interest, but calmly, Hitler and his staff are ready for new lies prepared for the election.

The pamphlet then goes on to dissect many of these outrageous claims, and makes for an interesting read.

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