ADL Working with Police to Fight Flyers at a Library in Nebraska

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2018

So, this is the kinda stuff the ADL does.

Real, real serious stuff.

Shutting down free speech at… a Nebraska library.


The Anti-Defamation League says neo-Nazi propaganda has turned up in West Omaha.

Booklets like the one pictured were recently found in free libraries in the Trendwood, Leawood, and Deer Ridge neighborhoods near 132nd and Pacific streets.

The ADL said this is “a growing tactic being used by white supremacists to get their message out,” and that they are working with police to fight what they see as a rise in hate speech.

“Fortunately this kind of hate does not reflect our community,” Regional Director Dr. Mary Beth Muskin said in a written statement issued Tuesday.

“Clearly, it is the act of one person or a few individuals. The majority of Omahans reject this kind of behavior and beliefs as witnessed by the multitude of reports we have received,” Muskin said. “These attitudes have no place in our society.”

This is a good tactic.

Take a stack of info-flyers in a bag to the library, shove them in books.

No actual “Nazi” stuff. Just you know – normal stuff about white genocide, black crime rates, mass immigration, etc.

Coming into physical contact with a flyer or a booklet let’s a person know they’re not alone in thinking wrong think.

And legit – all white people are thinking it now.

And no – it’s not illegal. They say “working with the police” to mean “whining to the police.” It’s not illegal. We have a First Amendment in this country.

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