Adjustment Day: They’re Targeting Journalists Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2018

The thing is this.

Conservatives rarely, if ever, engage in violence.

There are, of course, notorious exceptions

This is typical Leftist projection.

Because, and I think that few people pick up on this important qualification – pre-meditated violence require you to cross some mental thresholds. Leftists, who are far more likely to be unhinged, find it much easier to cross those thresholds.

So even if we talk about journalists being the enemy of the people and about how they need to be punished, it’s going to be an unhinged lefty, of course, who is going to actually do something.

Fox News:

A man intentionally crashed his truck into the side of the studios for FOX 4 in Dallas early Wednesday before jumping out of the vehicle and started “ranting,” the station said.

In a Twitter post, FOX 4 said that after crashing the vehicle in the building, the man got out and “started ranting.”

“He’s in custody now but the bomb squad is on its way,” FOX 4 said. “He left behind a suspicious bag.”Dallas police were investigating to ensure there was nothing dangerous inside the bag, the station reported. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident, which took place just before 7 a.m. ET.

Photojournalists from the station filmed the man placing numerous boxes next to the side of the building “filled with stacks of paper.” The papers were then strewn along the sidewalk and adjacent to the building.

FOX4 reporter Brandon Todd said the man stood outside the building saying something about “high treason,” ranted about a sheriff’s department and then held up papers against windows.

This is one of those “Faux News” type of people. The Jon Stewart fans who hate Fox even though they have never ever watched a single Fox News program.

If they did, they might be disappointed by the Fascist News Network – (what they conceive Fox as being.)

It’s not worth their time. And it’s certainly not worth ramming a truck into.

That being said.

This raises a philosophical quandary. That man was clearly aiming for us. The Neon-Nazis, that is. The ones who want White people to have a fighting chance through the end of this century.

Fox News doesn’t give a shit about that. I mean, maybe Tucker does. Possibly even thick-headed Sean Hannity is starting to get it. 

But Murdoch sure doesn’t. He is a spiritual kike.

What does make me worry is that… hmm, how do I put this into words?

Like, should I be offended?

Imagine that I’m at a bar. And this bitch and her beta friends are trying to start a fight with me. They want to pour a beer over my head, but instead pour a beer over the head of the guy that I don’t particularly like, sitting at the complete opposite end of the bar mistaking him for me, and then they all get kicked out of the bar together, leaving me sitting pretty.

I feel like I should be offended. But because I wasn’t actually attacked, I can’t work up the rage.

These attacks just serve to wake Boomers who still watch Fox News up.

They don’t even have to go full exto. These Boomers just have to understand that it’s a war. A Cold Cultural War for now, but a war nonetheless. One punctuated by acts of terror and violence, like this truck attack.

What normie-cons have to really understand is that it’s good to have a few radicals on their side as well.


Just think it over.

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