ADHD Medications: The Scourge of the Young White Male

Cocky Caucasian
The Right Stuff
October 11, 2016


There is a frightening scourge afflicting the young White men of America. It is an amphetamine problem, and I’m not talking about crystal meth.

ADHD medications are well known for making people who take them into dulled, zombified, robotic drones who lack the spark of spontaneity they’d otherwise have. In addition to this, it also stunts height growth. A 2007 study by the Childhood Development Center of the University of California at Irvine showed that kids who had been on Ritalin for three years were about an inch shorter and 4.4 pounds lighter on average than their unmedicated peers. This study also showed that ADHD itself was far from being the cause—unmedicated kids with ADHD were actually taller on average than kids without ADHD. The differentiating factor making the kids shorter was obviously the medication itself. These findings were corroborated by a similar study by a neurologist at the Children’s Hospital in Boston.

According to a 2016 study carried out by an assistant professor of pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine and Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA, rates of ADHD diagnosis and drugging among American children are growing year by year, and Whites bear the brunt of it. The overall rates of ADHD diagnoses of school-aged children in America have climbed from 8% in 2003 to 11% in 2011. In this study, conducted among schoolchildren in grades five to ten across school districts in various major American urban areas (Los Angeles, Birmingham and Houston), 19% of White children were diagnosed with ADHD by tenth grade, compared to only 10% of Blacks and 4% of Hispanics. The disparity is even greater when factoring in who’s on medication and who isn’t—out of those diagnosed with ADHD, 65% of White children were doped up on meds, compared to only 36% of Blacks and 30% of Hispanics. Earlier statistics from 1995-1996 show a gender discrepancy as well, with 17% of White boys on ADHD medications compared to 9% of Black boys, 7% of White girls and 3% of Black girls (these statistics only cite Black and White rates, since they are from a quainter time when Hispanics weren’t yet a major presence in American society).

The WebMD article I’ve linked to paints it as an issue of the system failing to address the needs of Tyrone and Jose, but in reality Tyrone and Jose are getting the nice end of the stick by not having their vibrant youthful energy drugged out of them and replaced with Tyrone-bot and Jose-bot.

Supposedly, children with ADHD are more easily distracted and veered off-topic than the Death Panel during the first hour of a typical episode of The Daily Shoah, but much of this can be simply attributed to children being children (or in the case of the Shoah, shitposters being shitposters).

Not all roads to Hell are paved with bad intentions. Some people might just want these boys to succeed. Others responsible, however, may be incompetent cat lady teachers who want an easy solution in pill form to all their problem kids, or certain (((doctors))) and (((pharmaceutical companies))) with more nefarious motives such as raking in shekels and finding yet another way to sedate the goyim. For some reason, despite misbehaving far more severe rates, Black and brown boys are not diagnosed with ADHD or put on these medications nearly as much as White boys. Perhaps it is the implicit acknowledgement that dindus will always be dindus and their behavioral issues are par for the course, and far beyond the aid of any pharmaceutical medications that anyone could concoct. But perhaps it could also be a desire to medicate all the fiery energy out of these White boys and turn them into docile and zombified little sheep. An aim which, of course, benefits the overall Cultural Marxist agenda.

Whites are naturally the tallest race, but when I see young school-aged White boys in the city, they are often no taller than their Black, brown and Asian male peers. I can’t help but wonder how much of a role ADHD medications are playing in this emerging height equality among the races. Yet another form of affirmative action, no doubt.

These cat ladies we have put in charge of the educational system and these (((doctors))) in our healthcare system are turning a generation of White boys into a bunch of zombie manlets. When I took these pills throughout my childhood and well into my teen years, I felt robotic and dull and incapable of interacting with another human being in a normal, relaxed and natural way. Which is good for an incompetent cat lady teacher who doesn’t understand how to properly discipline young boys, but very bad for the psychological and social development of a boy in his formative years.

The cure is worse than the disease, and it is predominantly White boys who are receiving this cure to boyhood. It is making them boring, docile, short and socially awkward—exactly what (((they))) want us to be.

Anything bad which disproportionately affects Whites should be viewed as a White problem, and ADHD medications are a very White problem. And on top of that, it is more specifically a White male problem, and as a movement predominantly composed of White males, that makes it a problem for us on the alt right.

We want to be White men, not Chinese men. Marginally better grades in school are not worth sacrificing our indomitable conquering spirit over, not to mention diminishing our stature in a very literal sense. For the love of Western civilization, ditch the ADHD medications and do not listen to the cat ladies and (((doctors))) who try to put your kids on them. And if you’re on them yourself, consider getting off them—just don’t do it all of a sudden, because if you think the medications themselves are bad, just wait until you experience the withdrawal.