“Academic Alt Right” Jew: “Mixed-Race Majorities Within a Century, Good Thing”

Diversity Macht Frei
January 8, 2019

Eric the Merchant is back. This time, Kaufmann has been accused of being part of the “academic alt-right”. This is the same Jew who did A/B testing to find out which propaganda messages were most effective in persuading white people to accept their own racial extinction. He even coined a new term for the dispossession process, WhiteShift, and wrote a book about it.

Umut Özkirimli, Turk

The Jew has been accused of having Alt Right sympathies by a Turk called Umut Özkirimli. This Turk wrote a book called “Theories of Nationalism”, which I read years ago. It was a review of various theories of nationalism, nearly all of which described it as an artificial identity, constructed through propaganda, built on myths.

The Turk now lives in Sweden where he tells Swedes they don’t really exist. He hails from one of the most nationalistic countries in the world, whose people have carried out a murderous process of ethnic cleansing extending across centuries and continuing even today. He is unable to live among his own countrymen because he fears they might murder him. But if Europeans say they don’t want his countrymen to come and live in their countries because they fear they might murder them, that, in his view, is illegitimate. According to Magic Soil theory, the natural viciousness of his countrymen will be instantly dispelled as soon as they set foot in Sweden.

“This is your future, kuffar, accept it. My Theory of Nationalism says you should. But it doesn’t apply in my country, only yours, haha!” 

This morally confused Turk accuses the Jew Kaufmann of being part of the “academic alt-right”, along with another Jew, David Goodhart, and Matthew “We need more research” Goodwin. Why? He claims their writings show

disdain for the left (liberal or otherwise) which is seen as the root cause of the White majority malaise. Polarization is caused, we are told, by “the perfectionist creed of multiculturalism, whose shock troops are the so-called Social Justice Warriors” (Kaufmann) or “an increasing fixation or near-total obsession among Democrats and the liberal left with race, gender and ‘diversity’” (Eatwell and Goodwin). Those “who see the world from Anywhere” attach little value to “group identity, tradition and national social contracts (faith, flag and family)”, thus cannot understand the “popular hostility to needy newcomers jumping queues in social housing or the NHS” (Goodhart).

By legitimizing and ultimately promoting a conservative-reactionary agenda based on spurious arguments regarding ethnic/racial purity and “threatened (white) majorities”, it expands the bounds of acceptable public discourse on populism and the far right, and contributes to the creation of a cultural atmosphere wherein outright racism ceases to be an aberration.


Eric the Merchant defends himself against these accusations by boasting of his prediction that western countries will soon be majority mongrel, and, for extra points, notes that this is a good thing.

If Özkirimli had actually read my book, he would realise that I am a writer of Chinese-Jewish-Latino extraction who predicts that in little more than a century western countries will have mixed-race majorities, and that this is to be welcomed.

The Jew then, hilariously, cites my critique of him in the Daily Stormer (“the real alt right”) to parry the Turk’s attack.

For this, the real alt-right has attacked me as a mongrel and Jew, both on twitter and on YouTube.

As the Daily Stormer notes:

In his new book ‘White Shift’, Eric Kaufmann (Kaufmann literally means “merchant” in German) is trying to sell white folks on the idea that racial extinction isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t hurt a bit! Kaufmann has personal genetic investment in, and experience of, diversity.


The truth is that both the Turk and the Jew are committed to white extinction. This is nothing but a dispute over how best to manage that extinction. The Turk thinks the best play is to deny the legitimacy of any white self-defence whatsoever. The smart Jews, however, realise that isn’t going to fly. White folks are waking up. Whitelash is coming. With Brexit and Trump, the first intimations of the future storm can already be felt. It’s best to give the wypipo at least the illusion that they have some chance of defending their own interests and preserving their identity, even if it’s only through “based” brown half-breeds waving the Union Jack or singing the Star-Spangled Banner with fake tears in their eyes.

Since these academic luminaries apparently read the Daily Stormer, let me put a question to them and dare them to answer it:

Why are white people, and only white people, told that they must agree to become ethnic minorities in their ancestral living spaces and that they must mongrelise their genetic identity out of existence? Why doesn’t this logic apply to any non-white people?