ABSOLUTELY SMOTE! Proud Boy’s Business Ruined, Run Out of Town by Vanity Fair

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018


Business status = failed.

Life status = ruined.

Someone just got smote so hard that their whole life fell to pieces.

New York Post:

A Williamsburg cafe owner accused of being a white supremacist shuttered his restaurant because of “organized threats,” a report said.

The Sands Cafe on Grand Street went dark a day after blogger Colin Hagendorf tweeted that Guy Sands, 32, is a “Proud Boy” and “used to have an active alt-right twitter, but nuked it before opening this sh-tty restaurant.”

The tweet, which went viral, cited a Vanity Fair piece in July 2016 that reported Sands attended a 2016 party thrown by right-wing extremist Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Scorched earth tactics.

The NPC-Left got together and decided to run program smite.exe. 

I wish he had doubled down and fought. Said something like, “yeah, this is now the officially designated Proud Boys shop.”

But at this stage in the game, Proud Boys are getting arrested and Antifa has basically free reign to Molotov and destroy. If they blow-up this guy’s cafe, he might get charged by the feds for burning alive.

So, hard to say what I would do if I were in his situation.

I’d like to say that I’d put up more of a fight. I would at least force people who heard about my plight to face the hard question: is this really America? 

Is this a country where if you don’t have the correct political views… you’re not allowed to run a business? You don’t have access to due process, and are instead subject to a lynch mob, whipped up by the liberal media?

We’re heading for straight-up Bolshevik-tier repression here.

These media companies are just throwing their weight around on social media and getting random powerless citizens fired, harassed and absolutely ruined.

And from what I can tell, there is literally no legal recourse that these people can pursue.

I wonder what will happen one day when they piss off that one guy who’s just a little bit edgier than they expected. A guy who takes… personal offense at his online lynching and decides to get even…

Seriously, the media needs to take a long, hard look at what they’re doing and think about the consequences of harassing people en masse before they end up with yet more blood on their hands.

Even a child could predict (but not endorse) what is going to happen next.