Absolutely BASED: Black Bogdanoff Twins Call Out Don Lemon and Every Other Basketball American

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

The wind-up in this video is loooong, but the payoff is worth it.

“According to FBI statistics, over half de murders are committed by…NIGGUHS!”

But it gets better.

“You telling yo’ followers that they should be worried about John… when you should be worried about Tyrone over here!’

Then the other black Bogdanoff twin chimes in.

“And Leeroy… and Mordecai.


I thought that Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye) was the wokest nigguh out there.

But I was wrong. 

He ain’t got nothing on these kike-naming black bogdanoff bros.

They’re what the Bogdanoffs were trying to look like through plastic surgery – some strange brownish/whiteish exotic twin brother hybrid.

We will see if their power levels continue to grow.

That fact that they’re naming the “Mordecais” behind the scenes shows to me that their power levels are getting quite high. They might be able to stand on even footing with the Bogdanoffs soon. Perhaps even usurp them in time.