About Those Mythical Conservative Blacks

Malcolm Jaggers
The Right Stuff
November 8, 2016

Here is one of those observations that people already know to be true, yet bears repeating: Minorities don’t vote with their brains, they vote with their race. This is exemplified comically after the reopening—yes, shitlibs, reopening—of the FBI case against Clinton.

Mexicans, Blacks, and other vibrant POC’s have literally zero capacity to objectively contemplate the issues of our time, beyond in regards to what they feel to be their real prerogative, “gibsmedat.” This is why there has been only marginal poll movement throughout the campaign regardless of revelations of the Clinton scandal de jeur. Those that do change their mind at this stage are in fact Whites who have somehow remained relatively neutral up to this point.

For example, witness an unintentionally amusing clip from Fox News, “Early Florida Voters React to FBI News about Clinton.” One such early voter is a Hispanic immigrant (possibly Asian), who expresses her unshakable support for Hillary:

I know she’s very capable, and she is the one qualified. She’s the one most qualified for this yob. And it’s a good opportunity for us to give her a chance for she create history as she will be the first president (someone helps her complete the sentence)—first female president, she will be the first female president of United States of America.

Triggered yet?

It is safe to say that people in general are somewhat uninformed, to say nothing of vibrant immigrants. This is why it is not sufficient to just say “the emails, the emails!” as Trump is wont to do; but rather one must patiently explain in cause and effect fashion what happened and why it’s so problematic, or as Trump would say, “Not good!” After all, people rather like emails. They’re convenient, and fun to send! So one must be a little more specific.

But to our subject, do minorities really care if our national secrets were exposed to foreign espionage? I don’t really get the feeling like they do. Does said espionage interfere with the ebb and flow of gibsmedat? If not, I would proffer that it is merely a periphery issue in their minds at best.

I have therefore watched the vicissitudes of this campaign with some consternation. No matter what crisply written editorial from the Wall Street Journal might emerge, nothing, I repeat nothing, will persuade minorities to vote for Trump, above and beyond the random smattering who already vote Republican. Furthermore, it would seem that nothing Trump himself might say will make them vote for Trump. As for those who have speculated that Trump’s pop-culture cachet and bravado might appeal to Blacks and Mexicans, my position has always been “color me skeptical” (no pun intended).

The spectacle that Trump has made of himself trying to persuade Blacks in particular to vote for him have been not just futile, but almost embarrassing. Establishment Republicans think it’s simply fantastic, which kind of proves how feckless it is. Yes, there are realpolitik reasons for urban outreach that go beyond face value. Nonetheless, there is just no evidence that Blacks are yearning for “economic zones” to be created in the inner city. I would love to be contradicted on that point, and if Blacks vote for Trump at a percentage higher than I can count on one hand, I will consider myself officially contradicted. Recent polling has him around four or five percent amongst Blacks, which would be in the lower register of how Republicans usually fare in that community.

So where are all these Black people who love the cops, those who are hardest hit by the anti-cop rhetoric, and who are so positively disposed towards Donald Trump? I keep hearing about them as “the real victims” of anti-police policies, from Heather Mac Donald for example. There are clips of Black Trump supporters on youtube and Twitter, but not so much in actual life. These videos have titles like, “Black Trump Supporter tells off Liberal!” and they are like catnip to cuckservatives.

Granted, I love Black homeless woman who defends Trump’s Hollywood Star as much as the next guy. But I also can’t help but notice in that very video that she is surrounded and attacked ruthlessly by feral Mexicans, so the video itself tends to buttress my point rather than refute it. To reiterate that point, Blacks and Mexicans, whatever their personal merits on an individual basis, are not, and apparently cannot be, our allies in any political sense or otherwise.

These conservative-minded Blacks whom we hear so much about are statistically imperceptible. Stefan Molyneux makes a point in a recent podcast which touches upon my theme: “Even if we trained everyone to the PhD level in Austrian economics, they still wouldn’t give up their government benefits.” He’s referencing the hypocrisy of libertarian academics; but it clearly could apply to minorities, though few of them would likely be equipped for that regimen of study, and fewer still would be inclined towards it. There is no amount of proselytizing that will convert these people. Just stop trying. In fact, stop even talking about it.