Abandoning Ithilien

Silas Reynolds
The Right Stuff
August 22, 2016


“Under the watch of southern Valhalla the torch has been thrust, already the bastions have fallen. Watching the flames mount, we, scattered remnant of the old dispensation, smile scornfully, but grieve in our hearts. A side-show Gotterdammerung perhaps, yet who shall inherit our earth, the earth we loved? The meek?” – William Alexander Percy, Lanterns on the Levee (1941)

The answer is clear to William Alexander Percy’s question–the brown horde. What do they bring? The three D’s–decay, death and Democrats. It’s unsettling to me that media pundits, particularly those that lean to the Right, scratch their heads and wonder why Virginia and North Carolina are now suddenly swing states. Over the course of about a decade, these old Upper South states transitioned from Republican guarantees during a presidential election to Democrat leaning, or for the Lügenpresse (also known as the mainstream media), Democrat guarantees.

At the state level, it’s a little more nuanced, but one thing is for certain–urban areas are leftist strongholds. The more urban a state becomes, the more leftist it becomes. The rural areas become more depopulated and the cities and suburbs grow. For both Virginia and North Carolina, gerrymandering has allowed the Right to contain, not defeat, the Left (composed of transplant Yankees, hipster urbanites, coloreds and foreign replacements) and maintain control of the state’s government (typically the General Assembly, or House, and Senate).

However, when direct elections (the virtues of muh democracy–damn the 17th Amendment) take place, it’s dicey for the Right. Both Virginia and North Carolina bounce from Republican to Democrat in gubernatorial and federal senatorial elections. This didn’t happen until fairly recently, although Virginia may now be locked into being represented perpetually by Democrat senators due to the increasing liberalization and diversification of Northern Virginia.

Speaking of Northern Virginia, all state-wide elections and national elections are settled in this part of the state–a third of the entire population of Virginia reside in Northern Virginia, an area covering just a handful of the state’s 95 counties. Northern Virginia, or NOVA, used to be known for its rolling hills, successful dairy farming and the home of the “Gray Ghost” (the renowned Confederate Colonel John Mosby). It’s now totally “enriched,” but more in the limousine liberal sense and less Baltimore-esque–with a White population less than 60%, extremely affluent (and cosmopolitan) and politically progressive. Culturally and politically, it is thoroughly distinct from the rest of the Commonwealth. The urbanites of “Old Town” Alexandria have nothing in common with the dark denizens of Newport News, the country boys of Louisa or the coal miners in Grundy. The last time I spent any significant time in NOVA, the locals thought I was from Alabama, even though I was born and raised only a couple of hours south.

North Carolina, warmly known as North Cackalacky, faces similar challenges. The Old North State’s “Research Triangle Park” is increasingly dominating the state’s political future. The triangle represents the cities of Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill (cities that home large academic colleges). If you know anything about the politics of a college town (they become infested with shitlib professors, their families and students), then multiply the population drastically and you’ll have large bastions of a progressive voting bloc. In addition, North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte, is comprehensively crawling with Yankee transplants. Last time I visited Charlotte, I heard more New York than Carolina accents–the city just transformed into a rootless non-Southern capitalist shopping mall.

Cultural analysts have been saying for years that the Mason-Dixon Line is slipping further and further south. Maryland used to be a Southern state–most of that culture was lost after the state’s population boom after the Second World War, although pockets exist in the far western and eastern parts of the state. The District of Columbia used to be known as a Southern town–no more. All of the major urban areas of the South are either bland shopping areas, hipster enclaves, dindu warzones or shitlib college towns. At this rate, the Mason-Dixon Line will be shifted down to Georgia (for only so long).

But modernity and “snow birds” (Yankee immigration) aren’t the death knell to these states’ Southern (White) culture–mass foreign immigration will be the executioner.

In 2012, the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlighted the political effects of issuing visas to the brown horde from the Third World: “The population shift, most notably in Northern Virginia, is changing the state’s educational, political and social landscape.” No shit. When I last visited Fairfax County (the heart of NOVA), I thought I was in a mixture of Blade Runner, a Bollywood production and Lawrence of Arabia. I passed a quaint 19th-century Episcopal Church that had been converted to a mosque–nothing to see here, goy! Less than fifty years ago, in 1970, only one in every 100 people living in Virginia had been born outside the United States. As of 2012, immigrants account for 1 in 9 Virginians, and 50.3% of them are naturalized U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote (Democrat).

The Times-Dispatch continues, “Virginia’s demographic changes have also transformed political leanings in the state that, before President Barack Obama’s win of electoral votes in 2008, had not backed a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964.” To the cucks–they’re flabbergasted by the change–we just need to reach out to more dot-Indians or Mara Salvatrucha gang members (MS-13 is active in NOVA). I mentioned the crystal clear demographic replacement to an NRO commenter and his response was, “We’re just not getting our message across to new immigrants.” These people are hopeless.

During the 2012 presidential election, when 71% of the Old Dominion’s voters went to the polls, two-thirds of Hispanic and Asian voters backed President High Yeller. Obama carried 93% of the colored vote, 64% of the beaner vote and 66% of the chink vote, according to exit polls reported by The Jew York Times. Diversity is your strength when you’re a Democrat. A blind man can see that continued Third World immigration will make Virginia the new California. Virginia, the Mother of Presidents, known for cavaliers and tobacco, is now morphing into a hellscape of curry and tamales. In my rural county, far removed from NOVA, only one gas station is owned and operated by Whites–the remaining are all foreign (of the street-shitter and spic vibrancy variety).

If you think it’s bad for the Virginians, it’s literally growing worse for the Tar Heels. It holds 25% more people than it did in 2000–that’s a much faster rate of growth than the United States as a whole in that time–and in the process North Carolina has also grown more racially and ethnically diverse. In 2000, North Carolina’s population was more than 70% White (non-Hispanic). That number is now at 64%. At the same time, the spic population has almost doubled from 5% to 9%. The foreign-born share of North Carolina’s population rose from 1.7% in 1990, to 5.3% in 2000, to 7.6% in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. North Carolina was home to 749,426 immigrants in 2013, which is more than the total population of the failed city that is Detroit, Michigan. If you think these “natural conservatives” are going to side with Billy Graham’s congregation of right-leaning Christians, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

In many ways, North Carolina’s Research Triangle, along with Charlotte, looks like NOVA–shitlib educated, vibrantly diverse and relatively wealthy. Add in the gibs-hungry immigrants and a poisonous modern pop culture, and you’ve got a recipe for turning a traditional conservative state into another Maryland, Colorado or California.

The occasionally entertaining conservative radio host Mike Church (no love for Lincoln, I might add–if only he embraced identity politics) describes the District of Columbia as “Mordor on the Potomac.” The description certainly fits. I don’t pretend to be a J.R.R. Tolkien scholar, but the comparison between the Cuckold Right’s surrender on mass immigration–thus allowing traditional conservative lands to be abandoned and replaced with new progressive states (and liberal victories) and Gondor’s lost fiefdom of Ithilien is tellingly accurate. See, Tolkien’s inspiring tome, The Lord of the Rings, tells of the decline of the Kingdom of Gondor. The line of kings failed and lesser men (stewards) allowed the kingdom to recede and diminish. Ithilien, known as the “fairest country in the westlands,” was located next to Mordor. The lesser men that ruled Gondor allowed the province to be routinely attacked; in turn, its people abandoned Ithilien and it was partially resettled by the mongrel forces of Mordor.

Why did this happen? The same reason the Establishment Right has allowed our own homelands to be overrun–they were craven, indolent, and, like our own real-life Denethor stand-in, Rick Wilson, simply mad. Tolkien described them thus: “Yet even so it was Gondor that brought about its own decay, falling by degrees into dotage, and thinking that the Enemy was asleep, who was only banished not destroyed…[they] hungered after endless life unchanging. Kings made tombs more splendid than houses of the living, and counted old names in the rolls of their descent dearer than the names of sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls musing on heraldry; in secret chambers withered men compounded strong elixirs, or in high cold towers asked questions of the stars.”

We must awaken the normie and cannot allow Ithilien to be abandoned–otherwise, don’t expect any victory at the ballot box.

There can be no triumph without loss. No victory without suffering. No freedom without sacrifice.