A Book Promoting Transgenderism to Pre-School Children is Launched in Sweden

Diversity Macht Frei
November 21, 2017

This book “Hästen & Husse”, aimed at infants, features a man who dresses up as a woman and puts lipstick on in the evenings. It also tells the story of a horse that wants to be a dog and goes around chasing cats to prove its doggy credentials.

The book was written by Susanne Pelger, a lecturer at Lund University.

We’re reaching levels of derangement acceptance that shouldn’t even be possible.

The issue of transgender promotion seems absurd, but I think it could be a major vector for the Alt Right to gain broader support. If mainstream conservatives cave on this as they did on gay marriage, which looks likely, there is going to be a massive unaddressed constituency out there. Normal parents have to be concerned about the institutionalised promotion of this insanity. They’ll be looking for someone to speak for them.


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