9-Year-Old with No Ticket Sneaks on Flight to Vegas

Daily Stormer
October 7, 2013

Yesterday, a 9-year-old boy with no ticket successfully faked out the TSA and boarded a flight to Las Vegas, once again proving to people that it is totally worth having your testicles felt up by a fat guy with acne whenever you board a plane, because that pizza-face loser has total control and can stop all forms of illegality at the airport.

From CNN:

He passed through the security checkpoints of TSA screening no problem.

Then, continued on to the G Concourse to gate G4. But it’s still unclear exactly how he got passed the Delta ticket agent here at the gate, collecting tickets.

What is known is this minor did board flight 1651 and traveled some 1300 miles to Las Vegas.

Officials say it wasn’t until the flight crew became suspicious because he was traveling alone and contacted Las Vegas metropolitan police who took the child into custody upon landing.

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