76-Year-Old White Woman Brutally Assaulted by Black Thief

19 Action News
May 3, 2014

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A sketch of the dangerous creature. If you see any, avoid making contact.

Shaker Heights Police are looking for a suspect accused of attacking and robbing a 76-year-old woman. Police Chief D. Scott Lee reports that on April 15, 2014, around 10 p.m., a 76-year-old woman was “brutally assaulted” during a robbery near Lee Road and Scottsdale. Officers say that the suspect repeatedly punched the woman and knocked her to the ground.

The Shaker Heights Police Department was able to secure enough information to create a composite drawing of the suspect.  The public is asked to look at the sketch and give the police any information that would be instrumental in locating the suspect.

All information should be directed to the Shaker Heights Police Department Detective Bureau at 216-491-1270.

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