51-Year-Old Woman Kills Herself After “Sudden Realization” That She’s Too Old To Have Children

Daily Stormer
October 23, 2017

Whatever it’ll be, you’ll still feel like shit afterwards

Isn’t 51 kinda old to have a “sudden realization” that you can’t have kids anymore?

Or could it be that women aren’t that good at thinking ahead?

Daily Mail:

 A 51-year-old woman killed herself after the ‘sudden realisation’ that she was too old to have children.

Joanne Moller, from Lydney, Gloucestershire, wrote detailed suicide notes, which even stated when her beloved dog had last been fed, an inquest heard today.

Ah, so that’s where the “sudden realization” came – she mistook dogs for children for a couple of decades. Common mistake, a lot of women do it.

She must’ve been pretty around the time I was born

The court heard that she had been suffering moderate depression, chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia, which were being treated by her GP. She had been on the mental health ‘radar’ since 2007 and her anxiety and suicidal ideation had been a long-standing problem for her.

A GP report confirmed she had been engaging with mental health services including the local crisis team but she had cancelled various appointments.

2007 – when she was 40-41. That’s usually the age when childless women go full crazy/full catlady.

 An earlier appointment on December 30 last year had confirmed she had suicidal ideas but she told her GP she had no plans to act on these thoughts.

The GP report said she was entering the menopause and had been showing concerns for her physical health as well as facing up to fact she could not have children.

Senior Gloucestershire Coroner Katie Skerrett said: ‘It is clear from the medical report she was suffering significantly with her mental and physical health but she was engaging with the crisis team and her GP.

‘There seemed to be a particularly low point in January where she was feeling isolated and the sudden realisation she couldn’t have children. Also her relationship had broken down.’

The nice thing about having kids is that your relationship with them usually doesn’t break down. Of course, the (((people))) who promote childlessness will say “There are old people whose kids abandoned them too! HA!” but this is an idiot argument. There are people who drive carefully and still die in car accidents, that doesn’t make driving like a maniac a good idea. Those are exceptions, not the rule. As a rule, the vast majority of adults do take care of their elderly parents, even if sometimes it’s just by doing the bare minimum.

But outside of the practical issue of having someone to take care of you when you can no longer take care of yourself – something that will eventually happen to all of us, even if we don’t think about it – there’s also the matter of happiness.

You cannot be happy if you don’t have children.

Both men and women are biologically hardwired to put reproducing their genes above anything else, and if you’re not doing that, it messes up your entire organism. Childlessness has nastier effects on women than on men because women have a narrower reproductive window, basically they’re only fertile between puberty and the age of 35(you can still have kids up to your late 40s, but it gets considerably harder to get pregnant, and the chances of having a healthy birth suffer a massive drop). A man can still impregnate women when he’s much older than that(although it does get harder and harder), but for women the time is much shorter.

Apart from the gestation and birthing, women are also designed to be more attached to children and to idea of having children. Evolutionarily, human females have evolved to be around children 24/7 and make sure they’re taken care of, while men evolved to provide the conditions necessary for a woman to do that(basically, make sure the family/tribe has food and security from wild animals/other humans).

When you’re not doing what eons of evolution have hardwired into your brain, you inevitably feel miserable, and you end harming yourself in various various ways, of which suicide is only the most radical.

The recipe for your happiness is in your own DNA, not what some filthy kike tells you. There’s a reason countless generations before you did the exact same thing, and it’s not because they were idiots.

They just didn’t have alien rulers to brainwash them into thinking that all the troubles and costs of having children aren’t worth it.

Important things are always hard to do and require sacrifices.

That’s why they’re important.

This is what happiness looks like

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  1. _DH_ says:

    Women entering their menopause without any children, or ones who’ve decided for certain they’re not going to have any, should simply kill themselves, instead of being a burden on the rest of us. Since the only purpose of women is reproduction, why should they exist if they don’t serve that purpose?

  2. I remember this same story was reported some months ago. And I think I remember reading it on the Stormer.

  3. Wow, the woman in this photo looks almost exactly like the crazy cat lady down the street when I lived in New Orleans all those months ago. She would somehow shove a few of them into one of those wire basket-cart-on-wheels and parade the terrified things around the neighborhood.

    She often spoke to me as she pushed her cart o’ cats on by, but she seldom made any sense. Things like, “I’m getting them their exercise,” or “Winston loves the fresh air and seeing all the doggies.” Fun times.

  4. tmp_5917-01297407213

    The purpose of women is to have children and bring forth the next generation. To nurture and protect offspring. A woman in her fifties should be preparing for being a grandparent and mentoring her daughter or daughter in law for child raising. This woman realized her life had no meaning and did what she should of done. This should be blasted out to all women. No matter what spin the media put on it the fact remains she killed herself because she had no self worth and no legacy that she could pass on through children.

  5. I had never really noticed this but now that I am around the age of 40 I see a huge difference in my friends with children vs those without. Even a couple of friends with only 1 child act like those without. Between this and TDS a few of my more liberal female acquaintances are bat shit crazy!

  6. Yes I’ve noticed that as well.My observations are on females and males as well in their 30’s.All who don’t have children act almost like insane people.

    I think there is another thing though…and that is to actually care for your child or children.There are many who spew one or two out and then give them to their parents to care for them,because of muh career.It appears it is not the number of children that you have,but the number you are actually raising yourself that causes this phenomenon.
    And they say “raising children is so hard,you go insane if you have 2 or 3” .Yet I see old folk on the streets who have 2 or more,I talk to them,and they sound more aware,more down to earth and alive than the ones with one or none.

    Having one child is also damaging to the kid as well.Just the other day I was reading old articles from a paper that was published in the 1930s.There a female writer said something interesting about one child families.That such a child is growing up in an unnatural environment,where it is surrounded most of the time by adults.Thus not having the happy childhood it deserves.

  7. “Women lose 90% of their eggs by 30”

    I dunno. When I grew up, Irish women had 10 kids, cranking em out until they were in their early 40s. The bio-issue seems to be whether women started having children in their early 20’s. Maybe all the hormones that causes creates a protective atmosphere for the eggs?
    Pregnancy causes wild hormonal changes…nursing releases hormones…holding babies one feels love for releases hormones.

    Or using the pill destroys eggs? That’s another chemical hormone, probably creates non-stop inflammation that kills the eggs. Yuck. No scientist will test that out. If they can count eggs somehow, that would be pretty easy to compare…count the eggs of some 30-year old Amish mom vs the eggs of a 30 year old city dwelling, motherless, contraceptive-pill user.

  8. feminists are not attractive. being attractive requires good looks + feminity

  9. Hussar says:

    I can relate to this.
    I wanted 3-4 kids, but suck at meeting women, especially ones worthy of marriage. I’m not obese or a complete loser, I don’t get it. Even when I was in awesome shape, I still had trouble.

    I’m almost too old, at least if I start a family now, retirement will be impossible/never happen & I’d probably be collecting social security when the 1st kid graduates college.

    It sucks. I’ve been depressed about it & it really tears at me. I completely refuse to wife up a single mom, let alone date them, but sometimes I break down for it because I can’t get into actual whores, as they & loose thots disgust me. And, at this point in the dating game, I’m so jaded by bitches that I really do fucking hate women, & have little to no respect for thots. I’m at a point where I almost prefer to degrade them like those hollywood jews for similar reasons- revenge.

    I know my other option is to complete a mission of no return, if you get my drift… I have no problem with that, & have been prepared for most of my life to be available for such a task when the time comes & I have no other options.

    I’ll never know what it’s like to be a parent, grandparent, etc… Especially going through a first childbirth with a woman.
    I’ve had to tell my mother the bad news that she won’t be getting any grandkids, & the main reason is these fucking thots. I’m sure it was hard for her to hear, as it was for me to say. I really wanted to fulfill that dream of hers too.

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