50,000 Evacuated from German City After 5 Unexploded WWII Bombs Found

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

This is a strange event.

Possibly some kind of weird omen.

You all know that I am an esoteric Kekist, and do not believe in that anything ever happens for no reason. In fact, the very idea that anything happens ever for no reason is absurd to me.

Sky News:

At least 50,000 people are being forced out of the center of Hannover after five unexploded World War II bombs were discovered.

People living in the city, as well as businesses, have been told to ensure their water, electricity and gas supplies are turned off before they leave.

It is one of the biggest post-war operations to diffuse devices, mostly dropped in aerial attacks by Allied forces.

Bomb disposal expert Chris Hunter described the find as “quite a significant incident”, telling Sky News: “We don’t tend to see five at once.”

Among the people moving out of a densely populated area are elderly residents of retirement and nursing homes. Transport throughout the city is also being disrupted.

For those affected, authorities have laid on a range of sports, cultural and leisure activities, including trips to museums and film screenings.

This reminds me of an interesting question I was thinking about recently: why did we fight WWII?

What was the purpose of the war?

The official historical record says that it was because Hitler invaded Poland.

It seems that in hindsight, Polish border integrity probably was not worth fighting the biggest war ever in history over.

This is something we should probably be thinking a little bit more about right now, as the way NATO is presently organized, we are obligated to fight a third world war against Russia if the borer integrity of any of the following countries comes into dispute:

In a third world war, it is likely that up to a billion people could die.

It seems like right now would be a very good time to have a heated public debate over whether or not Estonian or Latvian or Polish or Turkish border integrity is worth the a nuclear war where hundreds of millions of people are going to die.

Perhaps we could have some kind of referendum…?

Perhaps Americans could be asked: do you think the border integrity of certain Eastern European states is worth having a nuclear war over?

And they could answer:

a) “Yes,” or

b) “No”

Because I think if we would have had such a referendum in the 1930s, with regards to Polish border integrity, we really could have avoided what turned out to be a pretty big mess.

What do you all think?