Trump Gives Serious Campaign-Type Speech at CPAC

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

Trump appeared at CPAC and went nuts.

I haven’t really even bothered to cover CPAC, because it’s been really gay, like it always was. The 2017 and 2018 events were a little bit more interesting, but the only interesting thing about this year is that they’re making a hard turn to try and turn it back into what it was before that – just a boomer cuckfest talking about how Dems are the real racists and all they’re trying to do is lower taxes.

But this two hour Trump speech was okay.

Here are some highlights:

It’s nothing new, but he’s back in full campaign form, mocking his enemies and saying everyone is against him (which is true).

At one point he said we need more immigrants, which was shocking and appalling and I don’t know what to even think of it.

He says “based on merit,” but it’s like – what does that even mean? Indian instead of Mexican?

His claim is that he is creating so many jobs that there aren’t enough people to work at the jobs – is that your experience? I don’t know, because I haven’t been in the US in a very long time, but that doesn’t sound at all accurate. We still have white unemployment. And if we have fewer people, that means wages go up. Furthermore, entire sections of the public are about to be automated out of their jobs.

I don’t know if this is policy, or if it’s just an off the cuff thing. I don’t know. But I know he said something similar to this in the State of the Union, and I know I fucking hate it. As I’ve said six million times, I prefer MS-13 to H1-B.

If we actually needed more people, we could get them from Europe. But I don’t want anymore people. I don’t even want Europeans. I want zero immigration, period. We are full.

Anyway, that was the poison pill of a two hour speech.

The rest was mainly you know. Okay.

The goodest part was when he said he’s signing an executive order demanding free speech on campuses and will cut funding to any university that doesn’t respect it.

Nothing about social media losing their federal funding if they don’t respect free speech, however. Which is a much bigger issue than campuses, which are a cesspit anyway.

CNN went bonkers over the speech and brought some Jew bitch on to say that his talk of “preserving our heritage” and “restoring our heritage” made him sound like a man who murdered most of her family.

Seriously, this is back to maximum overdrive Jewish freakout.

Watch it.

So, maybe the campaign will end up being fun.

It is certainly fun to watch Jews scream about how if you don’t want to completely destroy America then you’re planning on gassing them all again. I mean, that is legit entertainment.

And Trump himself is entertaining, when he’s not being gay.

He’s going to have a very difficult time winning on promises though. If he actually wants to win he’s going to have to do something. And by “do something,” I don’t mean invade Venezuela.

I mean actually start the wall and issue an executive order abolishing birthright citizenship.

And of course, angry as I am about this war and the rest of the fuck arounds, I would prefer he win.

When the Democrats are in power, they are going to release absolute hell on America, like nothing you can even imagine, and that isn’t hyperbole. These people are completely unhinged. And they’re on a revenge mission against all white men.

They’re not actually going to do door-to-door gun round-ups. That would be retarded. Instead, they are likely to vastly restrict the sale of guns, then start to slowly creep in with selective raids on people possessing guns they’ve declared illegal, make it a big thing in the media, and wait for people to start giving up guns for fear of being raided in a high-profile televised event. Most people will.

But their main focus is going to be on shutting down speech. And they will begin arresting speech criminals and charging them with fake crimes. If one of their false-flag patsies sent you an email, you will be charged as an accomplice. Or they will claim you inspired some kind of fake shooting event.

They will also pass hate speech laws, after they’ve declared anti-Semitism a crisis.

And they are going to absolutely bury you with brown people, like nothing you’ve ever seen. They are going to completely open-up the Southern border, and there will just be nonstop flights from Africa and the Middle East, these people pouring in by the millions.

Right now, there are a million legal immigrants a year, and they can push that up to four or five million. The government will just start massive housing projects to house them.

It is going to be hell on earth.

So whichever qualms I have with Trump, I absolutely support his 2020 run.

But with the way things are going now, it just isn’t clear if it is even possible for him to win.