3% of the British Population Demands Better Representation in the Media

Diversity Macht Frei
March 3, 2018

They created their own culture by appropriating white culture 🤔

Only in a society with a deeply entrenched hostile elite committed to the dispossession of the indigenous people would anti-white vandals be declared “activists”. You cannot have white supremacists in a country that is indigenous and majority white, they aren’t seeking to subvert or change society, they aren’t engaging in activities designed to fundamentally change the hierarchy.

How much accurate representation does 3% of the population disproportionately prone to crime need?

These young kangz are necessarily black supremacists, they don’t want equality (a common theme amongst non-white activists), they want supremacy. Once they get supremacy you can bet they will vote for more and more wealth redistribution. Blacks officially comprise 3% of the population of the UK, if you take a cursory glance at programming on TV or film you will see that blacks get more than just 3% of roles.

I’ve been racially abused since I was 12,” said Tekle, who is studying for A-levels in government politics, sociology and media studies at La Retraite sixth form in Lambeth. “And we are always looking at the media and never seeing any positive representations of black people. In big films, black characters are often playing criminals and drug dealers, and that quickly conditions people to believe that all black people are like that.

If this brave young kang, destined to become First Minister of the Wakandan Bureau of Racial Grievance, lives in Lambeth or Brixton (heavily colonised areas of London) I highly doubt he ever suffered racial abuse. He may have suffered ethnic abuse; as far as I know Tutsis are still engaged in battle with Hutu, or perhaps he’s a Zulu that was “abused” by ethnically insensitive Hottentots?

Also, maybe it’s not the media, most of which bends over backwards to shove magical negroes in our faces that often dispense scintillating bon mots of wisdom,  to blame for this perception that blacks are more likely to be engaged in criminal activity. Maybe it’s that pesky white man invention “statistics” and that problematic tool of bigotry “observable reality” that slowly awakens otherwise racially blind whites to the idea that blacks are inherently different?

Nah, it couldn’t be

The statistics are far worse in the US (12% of the population):

Australia too (1.6%):

Not even multicultural, post-racial paradise Canada (2.5%) seems to be immune from disproportionate black violence and criminality:

This black propensity to criminality transcends socio-economic factors too:

But I digress. Whole studies can be done on black propensity to crime (and resolutely ignored by all decent, white hating individuals).

So perhaps young Tekle can try to convert his strong black fellow kangz from criminals to normal, well adjusted human beings rather than pursue activities that promote his foreign ethnic interests to the detriment of the majority white population? Nah, that’d be too hard, nay impossible. Let’s just prey on people’s emotions and guilt trip them!

If Dr Who was a show about a transgendered negro that used voodoo