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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

Certain Jews are screeching that Trump is dividing international Jewry by enabling (potentially outright provoking) Netanyahu’s genocidal tendencies.

Obviously, a certain portion of Jews believe in the global brownman liberation agenda they sold to the goyim (we call that “high on their own supply”), while others simply pretend to believe in it to dazzle the goyim. Either way, there are a lot of Jews who are either genuinely outraged or obligated to pretend to be outraged over the recent Splatterhouse fiasco in Gaza.

A member of Hamas getting shot at by Jews

So certain Alt-Right figures are no doubt interpreting this as all part of the plan.

On some level, I guess that’s true.

But I don’t think it is true on the level of a high-level plan by Trump to destroy the Jews by getting them to fight one another.

Instead, it seems to be that he actually thinks he can side with right-wing Jews against left-wing Jews.

Uncle Adolf sort of thought that himself, though not on the same level as Trump. As I mentioned yesterday in my thing on Ken Livingstone, he did in fact try to get Jews to go along with Zionism just to get them the hell out of Europe (because he was regrettably too soft to actually gas them and turn them into lampshades).

trump hitler

Trump is obviously a lot deeper in than Hitler was, but there is a slight comparison to be made there, in that he is attempting to make a deal with certain extremist Jews in order to mitigate the larger Jewish problem.

However the thing of that is, I do not believe that Trump understands the Jewish problem on anything other than an instinctive level.

We know that he is consciously aware of Jews as being a distinct group with group interests, but he doesn’t understand that they are evil, so he is treating them as if they can be negotiated with or placated.

Unless he is just being straight-up blackmailed and threatened (which is probably very likely), he appears to be acting as though he thinks that maybe if he placates Jews on foreign policy, they will easy up on him domestically.

He isn’t wrong that there is a division within the Jews, but it isn’t an ideological division, but a strategic one: Jews have different opinions on what is best for the Jews. But whatever is good for Jews is not good for America.

Domestic Jews and Israeli Jews both have agendas which require the American people to sacrifice things for the Jewish agenda.

If you ask me if I am more concerned about mass immigration into America or the US going to war with Iran, it’s a difficult question to answer.

I am also not convinced that Jews disagreeing over strategic Jewish objectives doesn’t actually strengthen Jewish power. It certainly does strengthen their power with regards to dazzling the goyim, because whenever you talk about Jews as communists, people will bring up Zionists, and visa versa. It seems to allow them full spectrum dominance of the society’s narrative.

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