24 Hours of Trump Tweets – Some of the Best Ever (+teh cringiest)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2018

It’s been a wild ride on the President’s Twitter feed the last 24 hours.

He is going full scorched earth on the Russia hoax following the release of the Carter Page FISA document (which didn’t actually do anything but confirm the Nunes Memo, but you know, I guess the Democrats were trying to sow doubt about that).

Republicans do need to get tough.

After the midterms, they are all going to have a “do you feel in charge” moment.

Right now, they are still trying to jerk Trump around.

That is true.

The exact thing I’ve been saying for an entire year.

Although to be fair, they did lie to the FISA judge(s). But the judge(s) had to have looked at that pissgate thing and been like “yeah, this seems legit. Activate it.”

So yes, they should be brought in for questioning.

These are secret courts, we don’t even know who the judge(s) is/are.

Yeah, the whole Carter page thing was sort of an afterthought, just so the whole thing wouldn’t be entirely on pissgate. They were just like “oh this guy who volunteered for the Trump campaign also worked in Russia – let’s spy on their entire team and see if this is all part of a Soviet plot.”

As he keeps saying – this is all obviously illegal.

They did not tell the FISA court that they knew the pissgate dossier was funded by Clinton, or that they had already interviewed Steele (the MI6 compiler of pissgate).

What the judge did might or might not have been illegal, but what Comey, McCabe and Brennan did was definitely illegal. And presumably, it was Obama that ordered that.

This is the biggest scandal in American political history. By a massive margin. At least the biggest one that’s ever been exposed.

And here it all is, right now, on July 23, 2018, coming out – being directly stated in explicit terms by the president of the United States of America.

This is history happening in real time.

True story.

Here’s a big one.

According to their own shit, they knew before the election about this devious conspiracy. If they really thought Carter Page was a Russian agent, why didn’t they call Trump up and be like “yo, you got a Kremlin spy in ur base bro”?

Because at that point, even according to the FISA document, they had no point to suspect Trump. They still have no reason to suspect Trump, and have said repeatedly that he isn’t even under investigation and hasn’t been at any point.

Brian Stelter flipped his shit at that tweet, saying it counteracts his “I forgot the apostrophe t” statement (when the lights went out).

Obviously, it does. The “apostrophe t” thing was a strategic fake-cuck, now he’s going back to calling the alphabet spooks liars and hoaxers. And we already know they are. This isn’t controversial.

Then came the number one cringe tweet….

…right in the middle of everything great, that kinda killed the vibe.

But I think he threw that in there to confuse people.

And probably, he’s going to do the same thing to Iran he did with Korea – make a bunch of threats on Twitter, then make a deal where everyone is happy. I mean, I think that is his plan. I don’t think he genuinely believes this whole bullshit about evil Iran “funding terrorism.” He’s not dumb.

At this point I’m just like “yeah, he’s been doing everything exactly right for months, this is 4D chess.”

Anyway, after that he went back on the attack on the kikespiracy early this morning.

He told people to watch the head of Judicial Watch on Fox.

Here’s that clip.

Trump then went on to talk about it and quote from it as it was airing live.

So we are going scorched earth here now, frens.

Don’t let the Iran thing bother you.

Because all this stuff is linked together.

There’s a common thread.

I’ll give you three guesses what it is.

Anyway: Trump is going to do the right thing, as much as he is able to do, in all of these situations. I believe that, 100%.

I don’t 100% know that he will be successful. But I believe he is full on ride or die.

I know it because I share his same dragon energy.

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