150 Years of Pure Canada: The Daily Stormer Wishes Our Canadian Readers a Happy 1.5 Centennial!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

Congratulations, Canada.

It’s amazing that you’ve made it this long without freezing to death.

We make fun of you a lot, but we make fun of everyone. Your situation isn’t that much worse than say, Sweden.

Well I mean, it technically is. You’re at over 20% foreign born, while Sweden is only at 15%. But that’s not a big gap. Sweden is rushing to try and close it, as they feel you’re shaming them.

Yes, people think it’s stupid that your flag is a leaf, but hell – leafs are a great element of great fauna.

And yeah, you’re weed drama teacher praising Allah and men sucking on cock in the same sentence the other day was really, truly a very strange act.

But whose leader isn’t cucked these days?

And hey – the Mounties I always thought were really cool, and I was also into moose.

And just today in fact, perhaps by meme magic, I for some reason thought about a little piece of childhood nostalgia, and was tempted to commit a transgression of the sacred, divine law of DMCA.

You’ve sent some of the best comedians.

Also – porno sure is ubiquitous, isn’t it?

And you know who did that?

American Jews.

Not Canadian ones.

We should stop blaming Canada.






是的,人们以为你的旗子是叶子是愚蠢的,但地狱 – 叶子是伟大的动物群的重要元素。





另外 – 色情肯定是ubiqitious,不是吗?





Literal translation of original Canadian language message:

Canadian readers translation:

Congratulations, Canada.

Surprisingly, you’ve done it for a long time and did not freeze to death.

We make you a lot of fun, but we make everyone happy. Your situation is no worse than that of Sweden.

I mean it is technically yes. Foreigners more than 20%, Sweden only 15%. But this is not a big gap. Sweden is eager to try to close it because they feel you are humiliating them.

Yes, people think your flag is leaves are stupid, but hell – leaves are an important element of the great fauna.

Yes, you are weed drama teacher praise Allah and man sucking cock in the same sentence, another day is true, really is a very strange behavior.

But these days, his leader is not a mind?

Hey, I always think the mountain is very cool, I also got caught groaning.

In fact, today, perhaps by magic magic, I have some reason to think of a short period of nostalgia, and trying to commit a criminal offense that violates the values ​​and principles of international copyright law.

Additionally – porn is definitely ubiquitous, is not it?

Do you know who did it?

American Jews

Not Canadians.

We should stop blaming Canada.