12 Little-Known Facts About Michelle Obama That Will Make You Hate Her Even More

Daily Stormer
January 12, 2017

It’s sad indeed that we have to part ways with this beautiful, wise woman.

The good thing about being a part of the free world, is that we have an independent press. This means that we have a large body of brave reporters who don’t hesitate to criticize the leadership.

This is in stark contrast with these horrible third-world dictatorships, where the media is just propaganda glorifying the government.

Worship the “glorious leader?” No thanks. This is America!

We would never see such shameless propaganda here, of course.

Huffington Post: A serious news organization, as always.

Welp, so much for that. Sarcasm aside, the Jewish media is obviously just vulgar propaganda. The SJW’s writing for the Huffington Post are just too devoid of self-awareness to hide it.

So they’re publishing this “feel-good” piece about why the simian first-lady is such a wonderful person, instead of some unhinged black tranny that hates America.

This ought to be good…

Huffington Post:

It’s never a right time to say goodbye, but unfortunately our time with Michelle Obama as First Lady of the United States is coming to an end.

Throughout her eight years as first lady, we’ve witnessed her passion for ensuring young girls across the world get access to adequate education, her determination to fight childhood obesity and her unwavering support for President Barack Obama.

Good on her for being “determined.” The obesity rate still continued rising though.

There’s still so much more that we should know about our exiting first lady, though. Even the simplest things ― like her middle name ― make us find more reasons that we’ll miss her.

So we’ve gathered 12 little known facts about Michelle Obama that will make you love her even more.

Am I the only one who’s cringing at this fangirlism dedicated to an ape?

Strap yourselves in, boys, we’re about to learn 12 new reasons to hate Micheal Obama!

1. Her middle name is LaVaughn. LaVaughn, y’all!

As far as I could find, “LaVaughn” is a name with no meaning and no history. It was probably made up by some Black because he thought it sounded neat, based on the Welsch name “Vaughn.” This is cultural appropriation of the crassest sort.

2. Her great-great-grandfather was a slave.

Her ancestor came to our country to steal the jobs of our forefathers, undercutting them on wages? What a scumbag.

3. Her beginnings were more humble than you probably thought.

Obama grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom, dad and older brother, Craig.

That’s actually a big step up from what I had imagined, which involved swinging from branch to branch to gather berries and small insects. What sickening levels of privilege she enjoys.

While she was enjoying her luxurious one-room house, her African brethren made do with mudhuts and gruel.

4. She was always a bright student, even though her teachers doubted her.


Sounds like someone lacked some much-needed bullying.

5. She’s always challenged things she believed could be better.

For her undergraduate thesis, Michelle wrote about the racial divide at Princeton and how that affects alumni down the line. She wrote that her time at Princeton made her “more aware of my ‘Blackness’ than ever before.” She added “I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don’t belong.”

Translation: she’s been agitating against the White race since the days of her youth.

This is supposed to be a list of things to make us love this woman, HuffPo?

6. Barack had to hoop for her heart.

When Barack and Michelle began dating, FLOTUS asked her brother to play him one-on-one in basketball to see if he was a fit suitor, since the siblings knew the game well.

What kind of weird jungle mating ritual is this?

Also, how the hell did he pass the test with those skills? Her standards must be pretty low.

7. She left her job as a corporate lawyer for a career in public service.

Translation: She’s never done a day of honest work in her life.

8. She took Sasha to her interview at University of Chicago.

In an interview with ABC News, Obama said that she didn’t have a babysitter to look after 4-month-old Sasha while she was scheduled for an interview with the University of Chicago Hospital. So the nursing mom brought her along. “And I thought, ‘Look, this is-this is who I am; I got a husband who’s away; I got two little babies, they are my priority,” she told the outlet. “If you want me to do the job, you gotta pay me to do the job, and you’ve gotta give me flexibility.” She got the job.

She took some baby to the job interview, and they still hired her?

I’m sure affirmative action had nothing to do with that…

9. She knew just what to say to her husband before he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Let me guess: “nigga, dey gonna be fried chicken on da menu tonight if you don screw dis up.”

She knows how to motivate her man.

10. She’s one of three first ladies with a graduate degree.

Yeah… A degree in sociology.

Minor in sociology, with a major in niggardry.

I guess her post-graduate degree was in Law, another parasitical field.

11. She ties Eleanor Roosevelt as the tallest first lady.

She’s definitely the burliest, though.

Old Ben nailed that one.

12. She probably gives out more hugs than anyone in White House history.

That’s great, but how many backs has she broken with those unreasonably large arms of hers?

Hug responsibly.

In any case, the nightmare years are coming to an end.

We can look forward to having a first lady who doesn’t hate White people, doesn’t swing from trees and doesn’t crush people in vice-like hugs.

What a relief.