Permanent Link: Brenton Tarrant’s Smart Manifesto and Slick Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2019

Brenton Tarrant’s hilarious shooting video and insightful manifesto are probably now the most censored things on the internet ever.

So we’ve got a permanent torrent link.


That file has both items.

There are plenty of seeds, it’s a quick download.

Just in case you are so much of a boomer that you don’t know how to use torrent… download this program, then click the above link, then open the file.

And please remember to subscribe to PewDiePie.

If those sickening hajis would have subbed, they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

And by “this situation,” I mean stacked up like a pile of pancakes some drunk IHOP employee spilled all over the floor of a mosque.


Top Comments

  1. Many of the Hindus subscribed to T-Series were pleased at the events in Christchurch. Could this be the end of the rivalry as we know it?

  2. The street shitters are all over /pol/ and YouTube comments praising him and trying to form a high-caste Brahmin-Whitey alliance.

  3. Can’t see your pictures right now… It’s a problem on DS’s end though not yours or mine… But in general I agree with your assessment that events are beginning to quicken the racial revolution…

    At this point, Jews would literally need to shut down the entire internet to stop what is sure to come in the near future, which will be some kind of major global happening brought