Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Extortion – TAKE ACTION!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2016


Richard Spencer did nothing wrong.

This is the Jews for you, people.

They are a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.

When you do something they don’t like, they will use the power of the media to come down on you, assassinate your character. They will call you names and accuse you of all sorts of things. They will go after your money.

If all of that fails, they will attack your mother.

This is a people without shame.

Daily Mail:

The mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer claims she is suffering financially due to the backlash against her son’s controversial views.

Sherry Spencer, who lives in Whitefish, Montana, said she is being forced to sell a building she owns in the small town because residents are rebelling against her son.

Richard Spencer shot to prominence last month when footage emerged of him delivering a ‘hateful speech’ at a white nationalist meeting held to celebrate Donald Trump’s election win.

A video by The Atlantic taken inside the Ronald Reagan building showed Spencer, leader of the National Policy Institute, shouting, ‘Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!’ as some of the people in attendance lifted their hands in a Nazi salute.

The speech drew intense criticism from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, which said in a statement Spencer made: ‘several direct and indirect references to Jews and other minorities, often alluding to Nazism.’

And according to Sherry Spencer, the criticism has been echoed by people in her hometown – where he son also has a business registered and visits regularly.

Sherry Spencer told KTMF she is selling a building she owns at 22 Lupfer Avenue, which she currently sublets. It houses a beauty salon and vacation rentals. She also runs a real estate business from the building.

‘As painful as this is, I am exploring a potential sale of the building,’ she said.

She also took aim at a local human rights group, Love Lives Here, and accused it of damaging her family.

‘We are stunned by the actions of Love Lives Here, an organization claiming to advocate tolerance and equal treatment of all citizens, yet coursing financial harm to many innocent parties,’ she said.

One of the strongest opponents to Sherry is local real estate agent Tanya Gersh, who said Spencer has backed her son and allowed him to spread his views.

‘She is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization,’ Gersh told the network.

Love Lives Here also responded to Sherry’s remarks, saying it ‘did not know what she (was) talking about’.

‘We don’t cause financial harm to anybody,’ co-founder Ina Albert said, before going on to say the group does not have a specific problem with the Spencers.

‘I don’t know what (Richard) does when he comes here. But that is not our problem with Richard Spencer.

‘It is the National Policy Institute and what that stands for and our town being smeared by his philosophy.’

The National Policy Institute was established in 2005 by Spencer, and it is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘hate group’.

Gersh went on to call for Sherry to sell the building immediately, and then use the money to help human rights causes.

‘(She) Could address this by selling the building, making a donation to human rights efforts, and making a statement in opposition to white supremacist ideas spread by Richard,’ Gersh said.

A donation, they say.

This is what they do. It is clear and obvious extortion. They are saying “give us money, or we are going to continue this campaign of terror against you and your family.” It couldn’t be any more clear. All of these Jew organizations engage in this transparent extortion racket with impunity.

This is Tanya Gersh:

Tanya Gersh, vice president of Bet Harim, the main Jewish organization in the area, says that the community was “super excited” at the news that Barnett and his friends were coming to celebrate Purim with them. “We don’t have a rabbi and we don’t have a synagogue, but we do have a kosher Torah and we try to get together for all the Jewish holidays,” Gersh says. “We feel that he (Barnett) is a product of this community,” she says. “We’re extremely proud.”

She also posts slut pics on the internet.


Tanya Gersh

The Jew hate group Love Lives Here is led by Francine Green Roston, a confirmed super-Jew. She is a female Rabbi and a “community activist.”


Francine Roston

The organization’s co-founder, Ina Albert, is also an extreme Jew, married to a rabbi.


Ina Albert

As the Forward tells us in their report on the attacks on Spencer’s mom:

“We certainly don’t want his ideology considered part of the Whitefish community,” said Ina Albert, an 81-year-old activist who describes herself as “very Jewish.” She was raised in Philadelphia and moved to Montana with her husband, the retired rabbi. “This is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

There are only 6,000 Jews in the entire state of Montana, yet they’re 100% of the people trying to trying to silence Richard Spencer by harassing his mother.

So Then – Let’s Hit Em Up

Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?

Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.


Just make your opinions known. Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.

First things first: the Jew terrorist group Love Lives Here.

Please call them

Phone: 406-309-5678 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

They also have a form you can fill with your complaints.

Ina Albert has an Amazon page.

Twitter: @inaalbert


Phone: 406-863-2333 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

We also have some contact information for her husband, Rabbi Allen Secher – who goes by Pizzagatey handle “The Naked Rabbi.”


Twitter: @thenakedrabbi

Next: Tanya Gersh

Please call her and tell her what you think. And hey – if you’re in the area, maybe you should stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions,.

Address: 121 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: (406) 261-4830 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also leave a review of her business on Google, and perhaps note that it is front for an extortion racket.

Her Twitter (@gershtanya) doesn’t appear to be active – but her son has active accounts. You can hit him up, tell them what you think of his whore mother’s vicious attack on the community of Whitefish.

Jacob Gersh’s twitter: @Jacob135Gersh


Jacob Gersh – what a creepy little faggot!

The scamming little kike has 12 followers – presumably all “friends” that he knows IRL – and he’s pushing advertising scams on them!


Jews: they are definitely born this way.

Her Jew husband, Judah Gersh, is a kike attorney.


The Gersh family – what a bunch of creepy weirdo kikes!

You can give him a call or stop by his office and let him know what you think of his wife’s behavior, advise him to get a leash on that hoe.


121 Wisconsin Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: 406-862-7800 (international callers add 001 to the beginning)
Fax: 406-862-7820 (international faxers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also send him an email:

He is on Google.

So – get to it!

Let these people know what you think!

Again – as always – don’t make any threats of violence and certainly don’t do anything violent. Don’t ever do anything illegal, ever. It is well within your rights to tell these people what you think of their actions, trying to extort Richard Spencer’s family.

This is very important. Calling these people up and/or sending them a quick message is very easy. It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel.

There hasn’t ever been a more important campaign than this.

So do it!


Hail Victory!

Eric Striker contributed research to this report.