Brutal Wop Avenatti Releases Statements from Ex-Wives Saying He Didn’t Beat Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

After being arrested for beating up his whore wife, Michael Avenatti started tweeting at 1:00 AM this morning, apparently having just gotten out on bail.

Is he there accusing his wife of being involved in a conspiracy to intimidate him?

Because from what I’m reading, there are pictures of her with bruises on her face. It’s going to be hard to claim this is a conspiracy.

The shitty thing about being a liberal shill is that you can’t be masculine. If you ever do anything masculine, you have to lie about it.

The Jewish media has accused me of abusing women when I was in high school, and I was like “I don’t remember doing that specifically, but it sure sounds like something I would do.”

Avenatti is obviously an aggressive person who is at least semi-masculine, but he’s a spineless, soulless opportunist who has taken the role of defender of fake-oppressed people in order to get rich and famous. So he can’t come out and be like, “well now see, the thing here is, the bitch was asking for it.”

Instead he has to… release statements from his ex-wives saying he doesn’t beat bitches.

If there really are pictures of the bitch with bruises on her face, he’s going to have a very difficult problem.

If I were him in this situation, I would announce that I am switching from being left-wing to supporting Donald Trump, “because I’ve learned the threat to men that the left-wing presents.”

Then maybe he can run for Congress as a Republican on a platform of legalizing wife-beating and rape.

I’d vote for him.

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  1. Nogger please! Creepy Porn Lawyer™ is too much of a good goy to do that.

  2. If a man isn’t doing this regularly then what exactly is he doing?

    What is his reason for existing if not to beat bitches regularly?

    It would be like owning a car that you need and want to drive but failing to fuel it.

    It would be like possessing lungs which in turn sustain your existence but failing to breathe

    I just don’t . . .cannot even …

    btw - women smell like shit eh, like seriously gents, that in itself is enough reason to beat them.

    Beat them for the crime of badsmell and… always eating too.

    Smelly grass eating cows they are

  3. To be clear, Avenatti is saying we should not listen to women – this time?

  4. Why does Avenatti have so many ex wives?

    Is it because he beats them all?

  5. It’s always fun to see karma do its thing.

  6. They never stop eating brother. Even when they’re eating they are planning out the next meal.

    I’m on the road right now with a couple of women and we have to stop every 3 hours or so to eat again. I put in a good 30+ hour fast while they stopped for pancakes, hamburgers, fish and chips etc. I just sit there drinking black coffee and staring out the window.

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