The new Daily Stormer URL for the English blog is:

Nuestro sitio en español, El Daily Stormer, está disponible en:

if our domain is seized, we will serve the English blog from here again.

when we are up, we'll tell you the working url here.

other good places to watch for status updates:

1. AndrewAnglin on gab -- sorry, we're banned from Twitter.
2. The Daily Stormer VK community -- best alternative to Facebook, which we're also banned from.
3. Anglin on Hatreon -- hasn't worked to send us money since November, but we'll keep the URL updated there.
4. Daily Stormer on Weibo -- China's version of Twitter.

send money:

bitcoin: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS
Monero: 4BHE9T5HUqbRzsAaq5grGq31G3JevBD1RBNbRdWQLg8ESYugNNyyAnt2JL9ZuWA1w72g4LPr25rSHjQJS6MwANT3MMJFA16

forums up at: bbs.dstormer6em3i4km.onion

this address only works in Tor Browser. Download that here.
password reset should work if you've forgotten it but emails will go to spam.
forums are no longer public registration, you need to already have an account from the .com era

current timeline of bans:

Other Daily Stormer onions:

Español: El Daily Stormer

This cat looks like Hitler.